A Trip For Mom This Mother’s Day


Why is it that Mother’s Day literally SNEAKS up on us every year? ITALY: 12-Day Ladies Adventure Tour 2018Or maybe it’s just me. (Sigh)

Hey, it’s not that Mom isn’t IMPORTANT. Maybe it’s just that, well…

we’re so busy with other things that we don’t see it coming until it’s already upon us.

Just once, I’d like to be prepared ahead of time. You know, no running out for a card on Sunday morning.

Will this be the year? Who knows. But just so you know, you all have one week until Mother’s Day is here.

(No charge for that heads up). 😉

One of my FAVORITE trips to lead are the Ladies Adventure Tours. These trips offer women the opportunity to truly stretch themselves in a way that they rarely have the opportunity to do when they are busy taking care of everyone else. Most of the women on these trips don’t know a single person traveling until they meet on departure day. They come from all over the country, craving the same thing… adventure. Guided adventure.

Many of us have the DESIRE to travel, but we don’t want to brave it totally on our own. We feel guilty about going without our husband, but most of us don’t have the funds to pay for two people to go. And of course we all tend to crave some much needed time to ourselves. It’s normal. And that’s EXACTLY what bonds our Travelers together on these trips.

The desire to travel.

Some much needed downtime.

The ache for some adventure in our lives.

What we find is that many of our dreams (& our fears) about going on an adventure like this… are the same.

Hear it for yourself:

Gena K from Colorado – “As a first time traveler abroad, I had many fears ranging from what kind of shoes to pack to where would I be sleeping. Jen did an amazing job preparing me for the adventure! In one of our prep classes prior to the trip she said, “I don’t want YOU to worry about anything; I will take care of all the details, and you can just relax!” And that is exactly what happened; Jen blessed me with an amazing two weeks!”ITALY: 12-Day Ladies Adventure Tour 2018

Michelle M from Virginia – “The trip really meant something different to each of us, and we all had unique expectations. For me, the trip was an opportunity to do something for myself. It was my way to unplug myself from my everyday routine. This trip surpassed every one of my expectations, and I find it hard to even put into words how much it has impacted me. It was full of sightseeing, fellowshipping, laughter, shopping, beaches, beautiful scenery, glorious food, amazing people, wonderful stories and opportunity to make beautiful sisters. Jen was constantly telling us that she tries very hard to make sure you see it all. ‘Because if you only ever get here once in your life, I wanna make sure you see as much as you can.’ We sure did see as much as we could, but the trip was a great balance of tours, sightseeing and downtime. Jen is an amazing person at helping everyone find their comfort level. She was such a warm and inviting personality that you instantly feel like you have been her friend your entire life. It is a trip that helped me grow closer to God, helped me to appreciate and love my husband even more, helped me to relish in the glory of all God has made, including me. The time I had with Jen and all the other moms enriched my heart and spirit, which is something amazing in itself, but do that on a jammed packed tour of another country and you have yourself set up for one heck of an adventure.”

You can view more feedback from previous travelers at the bottom of each travel package we offer on our website.

Real people. Real feedback.

I know what you may be thinking. For most of us, a trip like this may seem too far out of reach. Time wise. Money wise.

But what if it wasn’t?

ITALY: 12-Day Ladies Adventure Tour 2018

At Mission:Adventuring, we offer all-inclusive trips. That means they include EVERYTHING. No Gimmicks. We meet LIVE, online for weeks of pre-trip classes months before our actual departure day, so all the questions and anxieties have plenty of time to just melt away. And YOU have time to get childcare arrangements made, to call Grandma & Grandpa or a dear friend to come and help out with the kids, or meals for a week or two so she can just “get away from it all” for a little while. It IS attainable, it might just take a little ‘thinking outside the box’ to make it happen. Or maybe a little encouragement. Talk to some of her friends. Just plant the seed. See what happens.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if she could to travel to a country that she’s ALWAYS dreamed of visiting and have someone with her every step of the way? Where every bill for every meal was handled for her. Where every ticket for every tour, train or airline was taken care of. All she’d have to do is sit back, relax, and drink in the whole experience while enjoying her new friends.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

One of our goals on each trip that we offer is to actually TEACH our Travelers HOW to navigate foreign & domestic cities with ease, so one day they can go back and experience it again on their own, but with confidence! Be it a backpacking trip or an overseas adventure; we want our Travelers to be educated and richly ENJOY the freedoms that traveling offer each of us.

This Mother’s Day,

We have TWO, 12-Day Ladies Adventure Tours that are currently open and taking registrations.

BOTH are amazing trips!

BOTH Trip & Flight Fees are the same. Simply let her choose which country she’d like to experience.

All the dates, details, and deadlines are listed here; along with a TON of photos of Travelers on past trips!

ITALY:  12-Day Ladies Adventure Tour 2018 (For Ladies 21+)

FRANCE: 12-Day Ladies Adventure Tour 2018 (For Ladies 21+)

We offer custom payment plan options on ALL of our Travel Packages!

Just e-mail us and we’re happy to talk details about your specific situation & a custom payment plan that can help make this trip a reality.

So what do you say?

Why not surprise Mom this year with a DREAM adventure trip that she’ll never forget.

And finally…

To the countless women that make taking care of everyone else their daily priority…

We wish you a VERY Happy Mother’s Day this weekend.