30-Day High School Study Abroad Adventure 2018
(For Students Only, Ages: 15-18)

Tour, Study, Work, & Live In A Culture Very Different From Your Own

30-Day High School Study Abroad Adventure
July 1st-30th, 2018


Duration: 30 Days

Physical Challenge Level: Moderate

Departure City: Tampa, FL

Rarely in our lives do we have the opportunity to stop and experience life in a completely different way than we’re used to. This High School Study Abroad Adventure provides just that opportunity.

We'll spend a month immersed in all the culture, language, and history that Spain has to offer as we spend time traveling throughout Spain and Portugal. Led by Jen Henriksen and local Ministry Partners that we've worked with for the past five years, we'll spend the majority of our time living amongst the town's people, serving in the local community, and taking day trips to places like Lisbon, Madrid, Merida, Toledo, Vigo, and Caceres.

What You’ll Experience

This Adventure begins long before departure day. Once registered, you'll begin to receive information on attending the pre-trip online classes LIVE with your Trip Leader. These classes are a great way to get all of those initial questions answered, remove any anxieties about the Trip, and to get to know each other better long before we actually meet in person.

Most travelers will arrive in our selected departure city the night before at the selected group hotel. As a courtesy, our Trip Leaders always arrive in the departure city the day BEFORE our trips and fly out the day AFTER our trip returns. We encourage you to do the same to avoid any flight complications. Travelers will be flying in from all over the country and most don’t know a single person on the Trip. The cool thing is that everyone on the Trip is in the same boat but we'll become great friends in no time at all. (No group registrations are allowed on this particular Trip, but we’re happy to speak with you about scheduling a private Trip for your group. See below for more details.) After the first few introductions, the excitement begins to build! You'll begin to see and feel FIRST HAND the Adventure you're about to embark on.

On departure day, we easily navigate our way to the group meeting spot at the departure airport since so many of us have stayed over the night before. Basic introductions and a housekeeping chat are done before we check-in as a group. In no time at all we’re through security and relaxing together gateside awaiting our international flight. We'll enjoy our very first of many group meals together. We quickly become a "family" as we learn the ins & outs of traveling as a pack. Once we land, that’s when it all becomes surreal!

A new country. A new language. A new currency. A new traveling family!

After a quick stop by our hostel to drop bags and freshen up, we hit the ground running. We’re tired, but there’s SO much to see and experience here in this new part of the world! We'll spend our first day touring sites in northern Portugal before heading to the northern tip of Spain for the first few weeks of our Spain Study Abroad Adventure.

NOTE: Please be aware that the amount of fast-paced walking (& stairs) when we're touring a few of the cities listed will be extensive (8-10 miles/average per touring days). Please note specifics under the Physical Challenge Requirement below.

Our Time On the Atlantic Coast

Students will enjoy apartment-style living in a small mission base located directly on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The majority of our meals will be local cuisine prepared & home cooked by our Ministry Partners & staff. In no time at all students feel, well... just like part of the family. Our scheduled tour days will take us on Adventures all over Spain to places like: the El Camino de Santiago trail, the beaches of Vigo, the cities of Porto & Lisbon, Portugal, Merida, Caceres and Madrid. While the locations are subject to change, the Adventures we’ll find here are sure to please.

Our Weekly Routine

Weekdays will involve discipleship training and Bible classes, evangelism, spending time with the local village people, meals, chores, limited free time, ministry work and serving. Weekends offer more supervised free time to relax, chill on the beach with friends, and explore the village.

This Trip is a great way for high school students to get a taste of “adulting”. They’ll learn quickly to live in community with new people and manage their small personal space in gender specific apartment-style housing. They learn to keep up on their laundry each week and manage spending money closely with all the choices before them. But all the BIGGIES are covered on this ALL-Inclusive Trip: all meals, all accommodations, all tours, all transportation, etc.

Our busy schedule governs the majority of our mid-week time, as well as chores, assignments, serving, and group activities. Extended free time on the weekends beckons us all after our busy week comes to a close. Our touring days are sprinkled in among our schedule just enough to keep us on our toes and looking forward to the next Adventure, which is always... just around the bend.

This unique High School Study Abroad Adventure affords students opportunities that are truly “once in a lifetime” experiences. The villages that we'll call home are not known for international tourism; therefore, they don’t often see Americans there. Very little English is spoken outside of our group, but students will enjoy conversing with the local Spanish people as they come to hang with us and practice speaking English during our serving time. They’ll also be helping US with our Spanish lessons as well.

Other activities we’ll enjoy may include: Guided educational beach walks, fitness opportunities (run/walk/hike), group devotionals, movie nights, game nights, plus much more!

As most of our travel packages do, this Christian trip will most definitely involve serving and missions work. Missions in Europe is very different than in third world countries. Diverse culture abounds and families are steeped in traditions that are literally centuries old. On this trip, our service and missions work will focus less on “building projects” and much more on "building relationships” with our host missionaries, Ministry Partners, as well as the surrounding community they serve.

The month will FLY by. Coming home is difficult for most because none of us will want this amazing experience to end but lives are changed forever. A little piece of each of us will remain nestled in the communities we called home. Students will always hold dear the special memories of their time together, on this...

their 30-Day High School Study Abroad Adventure in Spain.

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Registration For This Travel Package Closes In...

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The Minimums Date is the date by which this trip must reach the minimum number of travelers. If minimum is not reached, all travelers will receive 100% refund of their Trip Fee. We do not publish our registration numbers because they change daily. Travelers will be notified within 5 business days of the Minimums Date.

The deadline for paying your Flight Fee is the Flight Fee Date.

Pre-trip Online Classes help prepare you for an awesome trip. These classes are held once per week in the weeks leading up to the trip departure date. These classes are hosted LIVE online with the Trip Leader (and Foreign Language Instructor if applicable) in our secure private classroom. We recommend all travelers attend these classes LIVE. Travelers can view the recordings anytime if necessary at their convenience.

This trip is open to Students Only (Ages 15-18)(Students must meet age requirement prior to the trip departure day and comply with the Physical Challenges required on this trip.)

Sorry parents, this trip is for Students Only.

Travel Outside of USA:  Security measures require a notarized Parental Consent form for each student under 18 yrs of age that is not traveling with both parents.

Travelers should be able to walk the equivalent of up to three, 5k races on active days. (6-9 miles)

Physical training prior to departure: RECOMMENDED.  We strongly suggest training (i.e. longer distance fast-paced walking) prior to the trip.

Examples of actual on-trip challenges may include:

  • Prolonged periods of fast-paced walking and/or standing and fatigue
  • Possible exposure to high/low temperatures and/or inclement weather (cold & wet)
  • Navigating uneven terrain on active days
  • Overcoming occasional physical, emotional or mental challenges on active days (trip will include a limited number of non-active days as well)
  • Navigating all personal items up/down multiple levels with no assistance

Please note that this trip does NOT accommodate handicap accessibility.

All MEALS are included in your Trip Fee.

Most MEALS will be fresh local cuisine prepared by Ministry Partner staff. A few of our MEALS will be out in restaurants, local establishments, and involve a limited selection of choices. We apologize but we are unable to accommodate any dietary adjustments.

Travelers are welcome and encouraged to bring their own ready-made pre-packaged snacks/food items as a selected meal replacement if needed. Travelers will also have select opportunities during free time to purchase snacks on select days throughout their trip.

Typical SCHEDULE on this trip:

7:30am Breakfast / Clean-Up

8:30am Devotions (Personal or Group)

9:00am Group Activities

1:00pm LUNCH / Clean-Up

2:00pm Group Activities
Group Activity blocks typically include practical work as well as hands-on ministry and serving. Be up for anything and always plan to get dirty if needed!

5:00pm Rest / Shower

7:00pm Dinner / Clean-Up
Traditionally a time of relaxing together and fellowshipping as we enjoy a meal (usually much later than you’re used to). Afterwards, we assist with base chores and just unwind from the days events.

9:00pm Evening Activity
Examples include: game night, movie night, free time, special outing, etc.

11:00pm Lights Out

Keep in mind that our trips are planned “as the Lord leads us” which means the schedule will ALWAYS be subject to last minute adjustments. (We know this might be hard for you “schedule” people.) Rest assured, it will be an amazing trip no matter WHAT we’re doing! Allowing for flexibility in our daily schedule truly frees us up to serve as the Lord leads us from day to day. This has freed us up for MANY an unplanned adventure!

Remember, your Trip Leader is an expert... you’ll be in great hands!

All on-trip ACCOMMODATIONS are included in your Trip Fee.

We'll be spending some time staying in small gender-specific apartment-style rooms at mission bases throughout Spain. (In some cases, that may mean a mattress on the floor.) We’ll also book short-term ACCOMMODATIONS, most likely hostels, for our city stays.

Most room layouts will include roommates in single, (occasionally double) or bunk-style ACCOMMODATIONS, always gender-specific.

We apologize, but we are unable to provide any upgrades, roommate requests or adjustments to our group ACCOMMODATIONS.

A Sample Support Letter will be made available to all registered travelers of our Mission Trips and Student Study Abroad Adventures.

Sending support letters to family and friends not only assists you as the traveler with raising support to offset the cost of your trip, but it also gives others the opportunity to share in the blessing of you serving by:

(1) Covering your trip and fellow travelers in prayer

(2) Donating physical items that may be requested by our Ministry Partner

(3) Receiving regular updates and photos of how God is working through your mission experience

(4) Donating small trinkets/treasures to leave with the people you'll be going to minister to.

Students may complete assignments for outside classes during their limited free time. We recommend that the student contact all teachers long before their departure to work out the details of submitting assignments while abroad. The internet (when available) is not as reliable as many are used to. Coupled with the time difference, submitting time sensitive materials can prove challenging. Most students simply work ahead as much as possible so they don’t have so much work to do while they’re living abroad. We recommend doing what you can BEFORE you go so you can be "ALL IN" while you’re actually there.

We encourage all travelers to protect their travel plans by purchasing Travel Insurance.

Mission:Adventuring is a full service travel agency and can help direct you to some great plans. Please let us know if you are interested in receiving a quote.

Note:  The most comprehensive plans are usually only available for purchase within 15 days of when your initial deposit is made.

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"My daughter traveled on a 4 week coast-to-coast Study Abroad Trip through Spain with Jen Henriksen during the month of July, 2016. The group consisted of 15 high school students and two adult female guides, one being Jen. Before considering the trip with Jen, my daughter said she wanted to backpack in Europe that summer . . . at 16, having never been to Europe before. That inspired plenty of fear and hesitation for me. After discovering trip plans to Spain with Jen, my daughter (and I) had the opportunity to speak with Jen by phone. She had great communication skills and was more than willing to answer any question asked of her. I could tell right away that her passion for adventure, travel and people had resulted in countless trips both in the states and abroad.
The "deal maker" for me was when Jen said she would be teaching the students how to travel by engaging them as a group in real time problem solving opportunities. She mentioned this experience would give them skills they could use during future global travel! In preparation for the trip, my daughter was involved in online classes/meetings coordinated by Jen to lay the groundwork for knowing trip expectations, walking through pre-trip assignments, meeting the other students, traveling abroad, preparing for a new culture, and strengthening Spanish speaking skills. I was able to listen in on a few of the classes and was impressed and satisfied with what I heard. I had the opportunity to meet Jen at the airport where all the students gathered before their international flight. Again, I was very impressed on how she communicated and handled a group of teenagers who, for the most part, had not met each other. This opportunity gave me a keen sense of knowing that my daughter would be traveling with an experienced group guide and would be in great hands! Jen is an experienced photographer and sent over a thousand pictures to Facebook so parents could "travel along" as the trip progressed which was very appreciated! She sent additional email communications to keep parents informed as well. Yes, I would trust my daughter to travel with Jen again!"

Traveler Feedback 1
HELEN Q., Kansas
(Parent of Student Traveler)

"My Study Abroad Trip to Spain will forever be one of my favorite experiences. Leaving home for a month to go to a foreign country with complete strangers by my side was exciting, but I definitely had fears about going. Any anxiety I had melted away quickly under the guidance of our Trip Leader Mrs. Jen. Her vast amount of experience made me feel safe, and her adventure-seeking attitude made the trip fun. I expected there to be a strict schedule with no room for spontaneity, but, while there was a plan, there was space for us students to do the cool things we wanted to do. We even went on an unplanned visit to Portugal which was one of my favorite days of the Study Abroad. I am so thankful that Mrs. Jen was the person who led this life-changing trip!'

Traveler Feedback 2
DANA L., Maryland
(Student Traveler-Age 17)

"My 17-yr-old daughter traveled for a month with Jen Henriksen in Spain. She came home joyful, full of conversation, enlightened by one-on-one and group experiences with locals, on fire for sharing the love of God, excited about learning, and hopeful for the future. Her trip was filled with unexpected Adventure: a side trip to Portugal, a day trip to hike to the top of an island, historical treasures, and spiritual treasures, too. Sure, Rita was sick of a few people from time to time, but Jen Henriksen helped her deal with that appropriately (and showed my kid her annoying ways, as well).
Everything with love. Every day with intention. Jen also helped prepare my daughter thoroughly for the trip…details, expectations, questions…all handled with care and professionalism. I can’t recommend a trip with Mission: Adventuring enough. We are looking forward to sending our youngest daughter on a trip soon."

Traveler Feedback 1
TERRI A., Texas
(Parent of Student Traveler)

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