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As a Full Service Travel Agency
We'd Love To Help With Your Upcoming Travel Plans

Our Mission: To seamlessly facilitate our travelers Adventures; be it large or small.

We specialize in coordinating and administrating Christian Mission Trips & Group Travel for churches, schools, missionaries, mission organizations, ministries, and independent groups. But while this is our focus, we still stand ready to assist our clients with ALL of their personal, leisure, and business travel needs. We handle everything from flights, cruises, hotel stays, trips, tours, ground transportation & car rentals, in every class of service from Economy to Luxury.

In addition, we offer a variety of all-inclusive, fully escorted group travel packages as well as individual custom travel packages to destinations in North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and around the world. Our custom travel packages include trips for travelers of all ages and abilities.

No matter where you live.

No matter where you're headed.

Put our extensive domestic & international experience to work for YOU!

CONTACT US before you book your next flight, trip, tour, hotel, cruise, or car rental. No matter how simple or complex your adventure may be, let us see what rates, perks & upgrades WE can get you BEFORE you whip out your wallet & book it yourself.

Besides... what do you have to lose?    (Except money)

Benefits To Using Our Services -

As a Client with our agency, you'll receive quite a lengthy list of benefits.

Read on... & know that we've got you covered.

Traveler Preferences

Frequent Flyer Member?  Window or aisle seat?  Special meal request?  Late Check Out?  Once you're a client with us, we have all of your travel information and preferences securely on file, so the next time you travel with us, we've got you covered. We can alert you of special fares and offerings on particular trips of interest to you, and work more diligently to meet your specific travel needs once we know what your preferences are. Think of it like a Personal Travel Concierge. We're working continually, just for you, long after you return home from your adventure.

Saving you BOTH Time & Money!

By using our services we truly can save you both TIME as well as MONEY.  We have direct connections with literally HUNDREDS of suppliers from the Economy brands all the way up to Ultra-Luxury. And as we all know, it sure helps to have "connections".

Personal Travel Administrator

As one of our clients, you have a Personal Travel Administrator that is available to you via cell phone at any time leading up to & throughout the duration of your scheduled trip. Your Personal Travel Administrator receives all notifications and is alerted directly of any changes to your itinerary. Rest assured, you will be notified immediately as they facilitate for you any issues that arise, including rebooking, assuring your peace of mind throughout your travels.

So as you can see...

From door to door, and from adventure to adventure...

We've got you covered.

Exclusive Travel Resources

Depending on your booking, many of our clients are given access to our Exclusive Travel Resources. These are private resources created by and available only through our agency. Right at your fingertips, you can browse this valuable information at your leisure as you prepare for your trip. Our Exclusive Travel Resources include items such as: tip sheets, suggestions on packing, what regional cuisine to try, what to expect upon your arrival, basic foreign language resources, cultural, historical & travel videos related to your specific destination, helpful website links, maps of specific areas and much, much more! We even have a helpful pre-trip checklist to ensure you have someone lined up to watch the dog, record your favorite shows, and gather your mail while you're away.

How's that for top-notch service?

LIVE Online Support

We offer LIVE online support to our clients (scheduled at your convenience) so you can get your questions answered in REAL TIME by a REAL PERSON.

Exclusive Amenities & Upgrades

In addition, because of our wealth of connections with the travel suppliers, you'll have access to our exclusive perks, upgrades, discounts, and amenities that are not available to the general public and given exclusively to our agency direct from our suppliers.

Contribution to Ministry Partners

Every time you book your travel with us, you're partnered with us in giving back to our global community. Your business allows us to serve as a steady source of support and encouragement to our Ministry Partners.

Our All-Inclusive Escorted Travel Packages

There are SO many Travel Adventures we'd all LOVE to take; if only we had the TIME. Well, look no further. Our fully escorted travel packages combine Adventures with Serving, Missions AND Sightseeing; All for one affordable, All-Inclusive price.

Feedback from Past Clients

Be sure to browse the Traveler feedback below, from folks that have first hand experience with our services; everything from handling their travel arrangements to fully escorting their entire trip. There's a reason we have such a high percentage of repeat business and chances are, once you experience working with us...

You too will be coming back for more!


We encourage ALL Travelers to secure Travel Insurance, even for the smallest of Travel Adventures. Remember...
They're called EMERGENCIES for a reason!

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We Specialize In Giving Our Clients
A One-Of-A-Kind Experience On Every Service We Offer

Our collective team of experts has been working in the travel industry as well as spearheading their own personal travel adventures for over 20 years!

Booking, Creating, & Leading Trips...

That's experience you can benefit from.

Our staff brings a unique personality to the collective work we're committed to offering our clients.


Our Fully Escorted Travel Packages are All-Inclusive

From our first, in-person meeting, to our arrival after the Trip right back where we started, we take care of ALL meals, ALL lodging, ALL transportation, leadership, education, tours, tips, taxes, and supervision while on the Trip.  Our fully escorted Travel Packages also include LIVE on-line pre-trip classes, Foreign Language instruction (when applicable), as well as contributions to our Ministry Partners.


We've got you covered.

Here's a Sampling of Some
Of Our Escorted Trips Coming Up...

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(For Ages: 13 & Up)

Enjoy all the splendor and majesty that the Appalachian Mountains have to offer as we section hike the amazing National Scenic Trail affectionately known as "the A.T".

Perfect for those seeking a physical challenge.



(For All Ages)

Spend a weekend getting up close & personal with these Gentle Giants. Offered only when Manatee sightings are at their highest, this exciting river Adventure that's both educational and fun!

A great Trip for the whole family to enjoy together.


Adults $450

11 & Under $350

(For Ages 13 & Up)

The Adventure begins with a whitewater rafting excursion (Class III & IV) and continues over the next several days with forty-two river crossings through crystal clear crisp water, traversing lush green forests, and arriving at a two-tiered cascading waterfall.

A hiker favorite for sure!



We're Looking Forward To
Helping You Build Great Travel Memories


Your Room Is Ready...

We offer different types of accommodations on each of our Escorted Trips. From tents & hammocks in the woods, to trusted hostels overseas, or maybe bunk-style cabins. From small, family-owned hotels where you'll feel just like family, to the big hotel chains you've come to know & love. Each Escorted Trip calls for a different type of accommodation.

Simply click on the specific Escorted Travel Package you're interested in to see what type of accommodations that particular Travel Package includes.

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Traveler Feedback

"My fears and hesitations before I went was being away from home for so long and being with a group of students I had never met before.

My experience while I was there was absolutely incredible and life changing! Being in another culture was so eye opening! The people we stayed with there were so friendly and inviting. Also seeing the history there was probably my favorite thing.

My trip leader Mrs Jen was seriously the best leader you could ask for! She invested in getting to know all the students and was always putting everyone before herself. She always made sure we were comfortable, healthy, and happy. She was loving and let you know she was someone you could openly come to with any problems, situations, etc.

When I came home, the culture shock was definitely a thing. It was also really important for me to hold onto what God had taught me in Italy. It gave me a whole new perspective on the world outside of America and gave me a new passion for traveling.

I would definitely travel again with Mrs Jen if I was given the opportunity! She gives you a great experience and is such a fun-loving person!"

Traveler Feedback 1
AMY D., Arkansas
(Student Traveler-Age 19)

"Traveling with Jen Henriksen was a life changing experience in so many ways! Her heart for youth and her spirit for adventure are a winning combination.
Our trip to the south of France was one of the most well organized and meaningful trips I have ever experienced. Every detail was beautifully executed from pre-trip classes to learn more about our destination to the “getting to know you” games we played before boarding our plane. My daughter developed friendships with kids she’d never met before we even left the US!
We felt so welcomed by the teams upon arrival, they were obviously ready and equipped to handle groups. Jen’s leadership ensured that all the students were active and involved in all aspects of our time abroad from chores to serving others. Some days plans changed unexpectedly, but Jen was able to take it all in stride and always made the best of every situation. Her love of exploring cultures is infectious and makes for a truly life changing trip. If I could, I would go on every trip Mrs. Jen has to offer."

Traveler Feedback 2
MELISSA P., Virginia
(Adult Traveler)